Clean Power

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is the oldest municipal utility in California, but is among the most advanced when it comes to providing clean, renewable power. AMP has a power mix that is the envy of communities around the globe and was honored in 2010 with the American Public Power Association's 2010 Energy Innovator Award.


Typically, more than 80% of the power provided to residents and businesses is from clean and renewable sources -- which is the primary reason the City of Alameda has the lowest greenhouse gas emission rates per person in Alameda County, and one of the lowest rates in California. As the chart indicates, AMP uses more renewable power, as defined by the California Energy Commission, than all other utilities in the state!


Alameda Municipal Power serves the entire City of Alameda, and is a member of Northern California Power Agency, which operates under a joint powers agreement comprised of 18 agencies.