Alameda's Green Initiatives


The City of Alameda's Climate Action Plan (2008) is in the midst of a fresh update via community input and staff evaluation.


Climate Action and Resiliency

Alameda’s new Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, to be completed mid-2019, will lay out strategies for reducing Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions, increasing quality of life, and adapting to climate change impacts such as increased flooding.


The City is looking for your input! We encourage you to attend one of our three kickoff events for the new Climate Action and Resiliency Plan: the Harrison Center (in Lincoln Park) on High Street on September 24, Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners’ Association on September 25, and the O’ Club on Alameda Point (on Alameda Point) on September 26. The three kickoff events each run from 6:30-8pm; feel free to attend the one that is most convenient for you.



As of January 1, 2018, single-use plastic straws are banned in Alameda!


After a second reading on October 3, 2017, the City Council passed an ordinance requiring commercial food vendors to only provide drinking straws upon a customer’s request, and clarifying that all to-go food ware must be either reusable, fiber-based compostable (paper, bamboo), and in some cases, recyclable. Read more here.


Zero Waste Implementation Plan - UPDATE, July, 2018

Read the final draft of the 2018 ZWIP Update here, which details how close to "Zero" we are now, and what Alamedans still need to do to reduce waste further.  This updated plan is packed with 5 ambitious stratetegies and the City Council believes we'll reach our Zero Waste goals by 2020. The City partnered with Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) and presented the original Zero Waste Implementation Plan (ZWIP), which was adopted by City Council in 2010. 


GREEN LIVING TIPS: When creating and fostering a cleaner and greener home or multifamily property, check out Good Housekeeping's Ways to Live Greener and property managers can find some useful ideas in the Green & Eco-Friendly Property Guide. It just takes small changes to tweak your daily routines, reuse common items, greening your car and wasting less - creating a better environment for all of us.



RECYCLING AND COMPOSTING REQUIRED: The City of Alameda is a fully opted-in jurisdiction of the County's Mandatory Recycling Ordinance. Businesses, and multifamily properties of 5 units or more, must have adequate recycling and composting service. 


Questions about Mandatory Recycling and Composting?  Learn about Alameda County Waste Management Authority's recent ordinances by going to


If you would like help making sure your property or business is in compliance with the County ordinance, please contact Alameda County Insdustries (ACI) by calling 510-483-1400, or email for a free assessment of your collection needs.