Business Licenses and Renewals


Thank you for your interest in doing business in the City of Alameda. Please note that all individuals, partnerships, corporations, and sole proprietors conducting business in the City of Alameda are required to have a business license. This includes persons dealing with residential and commercial real estate rentals or who operate home-based businesses within the City. In most cases, licenses are based on the gross receipts of your business.


For new businesses, please be sure to complete the zoning clearance form and get it signed off by the Permit Center, before filling out a business license form, purchasing property or signing lease agreements. Please note that business license fees are non refundable and that issuance of a business license should not be construed as authorization to conduct a business, unless the business has complied with all federal, state and local regulations.



You can now renew your business license online. Please allow up to 15 business days after completing the online renewal process to receive your new license. 


All licenses expire on June 30; fees for new licenses are prorated from August to June. At the end of each year, renewal notices are sent out to all existing license holders to inform them that the annual renewal period has begun and to request updated information and payment of applicable fees by July 31 of the renewal year. However, it is the responsibility of the business owner to renew the business license on time even if the renewal notice is not received. Penalties are assessed for delinquent accounts, regardless of whether a renewal notice was received.


It is important to have the City business license staff close your account when you are no longer conducting business within the City. Failure to notify the City business license staff may result in additional taxes, interest, and penalties being assessed against your account.


If you are working from home or in an area zoned Residential, you will need a Home Occupation Permit. For additional information, please see the forms below or contact the Permit Center at (510) 747-6800.


Downloadable Forms

Mail your completed forms along with payment to the City of Alameda Finance Division, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Room 230, Alameda, CA 94501.


Finance Department

General Business License Application

Business License Fee Schedule

Business Improvement Area Fee Schedule

Starting a Business in Alameda

Business License Municipal Code Section


Permit Center Forms

Zoning Clearance Form

Home Occupation Permit Application

Sign Permit Application