Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Engineering, Planning and Outreach Services for Transportation Complete Street Projects

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)


Engineering, Planning and Outreach Services for Transportation Complete Street Projects


City of Alameda

Department of Base Reuse and Transportation Planning

2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Room 130

Alameda, CA 94501


Point of Contact:

Gail Payne

Transportation Coordinator

(510) 747-6892

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Qualifications Due: Tuesday, November 14 by 5 p.m.






October 17, 2017


The City of Alameda (City) is seeking qualified transportation-related engineering firms and their supporting consultant team (Engineering Team) to work under the direction of the City in the preparation of engineering designs and construction improvement plans for a number of recently funded transportation complete street projects (Complete Street Projects).  The City will create a certified list of qualified Engineering Teams (Certified List), and then will request that interested Teams on the list submit proposals for implementing the necessary phases of each Complete Street Project work plan, as they become finalized by City staff. 


The specific services that will be needed include the following:

·       Community outreach and concept design development

·       Environmental clearance support (for CEQA and NEPA)

·       Plans, Specifications and Estimates, including civil and transportation engineering

·       Construction support


The City is a unique island community faced with a wide variety of physical, land use and transportation issues and challenges, and is committed to improving transportation options for community members.  In its efforts to respond effectively and efficiently to these issues, the City proactively competed for and was awarded over $36 million in grants from regional, state, and federal funding sources for a number of Complete Street Projects, as summarized in Table 1 below.  As a result, the City is actively soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified Engineering Teams with expertise to implement the needed outreach, concept, environmental, design and construction phases of the Complete Street Projects.  Table 1 provides a description of each of the Complete Street Projects, their budgets and schedules.  




           Table 1: Complete Street Projects, Budget Amounts and Schedule


City Department Lead

CIP Budget

(FY 2017-19)

Future CIP Budget
(FY 2019-21)

Total Budget

Appezzato Pkwy Bus Lanes

Transportation Planning

$1,350,000 (PE)

$7,650,000 (CON)


Central Avenue (Pacific Ave/Main St to Sherman St/Encinal Ave)

Transportation Planning

$557,000 (PE)

$11,644,000 (CON)


Clement Avenue (Grand Street to Broadway)

Transportation Planning

$641,000 (PE)

$5,027,082 (CON)


Clement Avenue / Tilden Way – Union Pacific purchase

Transportation Planning

$2,282,000 (PE/ROW)

$7,200,981 (CON)


Otis Drive (Westline – Grand Street)

Public Works

$500,000 (PE/CON)








(PE = preliminary engineering; ROW = right of way; CON = construction)


Two projects (Central Avenue and Clement Ave from Grand Street to Broadway) are federally-funded, so disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), adequate financial management and accounting systems and other federal requirements will need to be met for these two projects.


I. Submittal Requirements


The City is requesting five (5) hard copies and an electronic pdf file of a statement of qualifications (SOQ), which is limited to 30 pages maximum excluding resumes, and contains the following information:

1.     Letter of Interest:  Include a letter expressing the Engineering Team’s interest in being considered for the Complete Street Projects, and the Team’s project understanding and approach. Include a statement regarding the Team’s availability to dedicate time, personnel, and resources for the potential work during the next 36 months. 


2.     Relevant Experience:  Include specific project information describing the Team’s experience with:

a.     Civil and transportation engineering services and other relevant transportation planning, green infrastructure and landscape architecture services on complete street projects in cities comparable to Alameda along highly constrained corridors for multi-modal travel, including transit, bicycle, pedestrian and truck modes.

b.     Using the most current best practices, standards and guidance in multi-modal street design, such as those developed and being developed by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Caltrans.

c.      Complex transportation projects, such as those that need to serve many modes, have soil contamination issues, right-of-way constraints and stormwater management.

d.     Successful approaches to quality control and project management to ensure high-quality designs, meeting contract budgets and schedules, and construction phase implementation within estimated budgets.

e.     Public agency clients, including the effective coordination among multiple departments within a city and multiple outside agencies, if relevant.

f.       Successfully meeting state and federal project requirements, including expense tracking when there are multiple funding sources.

g.     Successful outreach and consensus building in a community planning process, and the use of creative and meaningful public input processes, if relevant. 

h.     Presenting technical material in a sufficiently clear manner to inform decisions by City staff and policymakers.

i.       Working collaboratively on an inter-disciplinary team of consultants.

Also, provide references for each example cited, including phone number and/or email address of contacts; the status of each project example, and the specific role played by each firm and key staff on the project example.

3.     Project Manager/Key Staff: Include information on the specific relevant experience and billing rates for the proposed Project Manager and the Principal-in-Charge (if that person is different than the Project Manager) and all other applicable staff.  A Project Manager must be designated and must be the principal contact for the City. Information on the experience of the Project Manager on similar projects and at least three references for the Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge (should that be a different person) are required. Also include the proposed lead staff for each supporting consultant firm on the Engineering Team, and two references.

4.     Fee Schedule. Please include a list of billing rates for relevant staff assigned to potential projects, including anticipated rate increases through January 2021.  Rates shall include all direct and indirect labor expenses, transportation, cell phone, computer and sub-consultant fee mark-ups.

5.     Comments and Questions on the City Standard Form Contract:  The City standard form contract is attached for consideration (Attachment A). If a Consultant Firm has any questions or concerns related to any provisions of the standard form contract, questions must be submitted in writing with your response to this RFQ.


II. Submittal Instructions


Responses should be submitted by mail or in person by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 to:


Gail Payne, Transportation Coordinator

Base Reuse and Transportation Planning Department

City of Alameda

2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Room 130

Alameda, California 94501


Submittals shall be clearly marked on the outside cover or envelope "Statement of Qualifications for City of Alameda Engineering, Planning and Outreach Services for Transportation Complete Street Projects.”


Costs incurred by consultants in preparing and submitting their proposals for consideration by the City shall not be reimbursed.


III. Selection Process


The selection process for the Certified List of Engineering Teams for the Complete Street Projects will proceed as follows:  


1.     Based upon the submitted written responses to this RFQ, an inter-departmental team of City staff will review and rank the SOQs according to the following criteria:

a.      The firm’s past experience and results on relevant projects within comparable cities. (maximum of 60 points)

b.      The quality and experience of the project manager and key staff persons who will be working on potential projects. (maximum of 30 points)

c.      The firm’s cost competitiveness and ability to meet standard City contract requirements also will be considered. (maximum of 10 points)


2.     Prior to selection of the Certified List of Engineering Teams, City staff also may elect to interview the top candidates. 


3.     Upon completion of the interview process, no more than six qualified Engineering Teams will be placed on the Certified List.  For Engineering Teams that are placed on the Certified List, subsequent letter proposals will be requested by City staff for specific project tasks.  The letter proposals will set forth the scope, fee, personnel and time of performance for the specific project task, and will need to be approved by the City Council.  Engineering Team selection for the specific project tasks will be at the sole discretion of the City.  Engineering Teams on the Certified List are not guaranteed work.


The City shall not discriminate against any firm or individual on the grounds of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or national origin in the selection of a Certified List of Engineering Teams. The City reserves the right to reject any and all SOQs at its discretion, thus potentially not creating a Certified List.  Additionally, City may at its sole discretion elect not to use the Certified List for the Complete Street Projects and issue a Request for Proposals for specific projects.


IV. Questions


Please contact the following City staff for answers to any questions regarding this RFQ:


Gail Payne, Transportation Coordinator, 510-747-6892,


Responses to questions will be answered within three business days by addendum emailed to all firms that request via the above email to be included on the RFQ questions and answer list. The City will not be bound by any oral representations, clarifications, or changes made to this RFQ unless provided in written addenda form. Engineering Teams shall identify receipt of all addenda in their Letter of Interest.


Key information on the Complete Street Projects and past planning efforts can be found at:

·       City of Alameda 5-year Capital Improvement Program, with Project Sheets for each project

·       Project Web Page: Central Avenue Complete Street

·       Project Web Page: Clement Avenue Complete Street

·       Transportation Choices Plan


Addendum 1

Addendum 1 to RFQ for Transportation Projects

Addendum 2

Addendum 2 to RFQ for Transportation Projects



Attachment A: City Standard Form Consultant Contract

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 11:00
Pre Bid Location:

Bid Due Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 5:00 pm

Bid Due Location