Historic Monuments

A historical monument, as defined in the Alameda Municipal Code, Section 13-21.2, is "any site (including significant trees or other plant life located thereon), building, structure, portion of a structure, or group of structures of particular historic significance to the City, such as historic structures or sites in which the broad cultural, political, economic or social history of the Nation, State or community is reflected or exemplified, or which are identified with historic personages or with important events in the main currents of national, State or local history, or which embody the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type specimen, inherently valuable for a study of a period, type or method of construction, or a notable work of a master builder, designer or architect.

The Historical Advisory Board is charged with reviewing applications for the designation of City Monuments, investigating the site, preparing brief descriptions of the site and its significance, and making recommendations to the City Council. The City Council takes final action on the designation of City Monuments. Thus far 24 Historical Monuments have been so designated. Click to view Historic Monuments List

Files containing background material on each of the Monuments are maintained by the Planning Department.