General Plan

Adopted by the City Council, the General Plan outlines goals and policies to guide the City's future conservation and development efforts. Its purpose is to guide residents, businesses, policymakers and elected officials in making choices about public and private activities that shape the City's physical environment.  

  1. Setting and Organization of the General Plan
  2. Land Use Element
  3. City Design Element
  4. Transportation Element
  5. Open Space and Conservation Element
  6. Parks and Recreation, Shoreline Access, Schools and Cultural Facilities Element
  7. Chapter 7 has been combined with Chapter 8, Safety and Noise Element, effective January 1, 2017
  8. Safety and Noise Element
  9. Alameda Point
  10. Northern Waterfront Amendment
  11. Housing Element 2015-2023 Policy Document and Background Report
  12. 2016 Housing Element Annual Report


General Plan Map (Links to online Property Info Lookup tool)


General Plan Map (pdf)