Look up zoning for any property in Alameda using CommunityView GIS.  The Alameda Zoning Map is also available as a static pdf file on the Permit Center forms page.  To verify actual zoning for a specific property, please contact the Planning information desk at (510) 747-6805. Click here for the Zoning Ordinance.



R-1 - One-Family Residence District
R-2 - Two-Family Residence District
R-3 - Garden Residential District
R-4 - Neighborhood Residential District
R-5 - General Residential District
R-6 - Hotel Residential District


A-P - Administrative-Professional District
C-1 - Neighborhood Business District
C-2 - Central Business District
C-C - Community-Commercial District
C-M - Commercial-Manufacturing District


M-1 - Intermediate Manufacturing District
M-2 - General Industrial District


Other Category
M-X - Mixed Use Planned Development District
E - Estuary District
O - Open Space District


Combining Districts
PD - Special Planned Development District
A - Special Agricultural District
B - Special Building Site District
H - Special Height Limit District
G - Special Government District
T - Theatre Combining District

Y - Special Yard District

MF - Multifamily Residential Combining Zone


Alameda Point, including subdistricts:

AP-WTC, Waterfront Town Center

AP-MS, Main Street Neighborhood

AP-E1 through E4, Enterprise

AP-AR, Adaptive Reuse

AP-OS, Open Space

AP-NR/G, Nature Reserve/Government


North Park Street District, including subdistricts:

NP-G, North Park Street Gateway

NP-W, North Park Street Workplace

NP-MU, North Park Street Mixed Use

NP-M, North Park Street Maritime