Alameda Reads


Alameda Reads is a FREE service of the Alameda Free Library.


The program has been helping adults improve their reading and writing skills for more than 30 years. Adult learners are at least 18 years old. They often come to the program because school was not the right place for them to learn. People succeed in our no-pressure, non-academic environment. They have busy lives and want to be able to use their skills right away as community members, parents, workers and lifelong learners.



We provide adult learners individual attention so they can focus on their personal learning goals. They also become part of a vibrant learning community and can participate in tutoring, small group learning, computer-assisted learning and community-wide celebrations and events. Since Alameda Reads opened, we have helped thousands of adults learn how to do things like:


·         read books to their children                                         

·         apply for a job

·         read a newspaper

·         write emails for work

·         pass the high school equivalency exam




If you are an adult who wants to improve your basic reading and writing skills, the Alameda Reads program may be for you! The program is free and confidential. Call us at 510-865-2454 to find out more.


We ask adult learners to:

·         Call us on the phone to make an appointment

·         Tell us what you want to learn about or be able to do better

·         Come to the program 2-3 hours a week

·         Stay in the program at least 6 months, but you can stay in the program as long as you like!




If you are a patient, flexible and reliable adult, and if you like to meet new people and help them, you would be a great Alameda Reads volunteer.


Volunteers are active, engaged listeners. They support the Alameda Reads learning community in a variety of ways depending on program needs and a volunteer’s skills. The health of the program relies on a diverse range of volunteer support including:


·         Tutoring adults

·         Online social media and web support

·         Program promotion in the library and community

·         Outreach through fliers and newsletters

·         Small learning group support

·         Special events coordination



We ask volunteers to:

·         Complete a 13-hour training workshop

·         Volunteer two hours a week

·         Commit to 6 months of service, although we hope you’ll stay longer!


To volunteer please fill out this application:  volunteer_inquiry_form-070517.pdf

We hope to hear from you soon!





Office Hours:

Monday and Tuesday         9 am - 2 pm

Wednesday                           9 am - 2 pm, and 4pm - 8pm

Thursday                               4 pm - 8 pm

Friday - Sunday                   Closed



Alameda Reads

2203 Central Avenue, Room 350 – upstairs

Alameda, CA 94501-4421

(510) 865-2454


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